Affiliate Disclosure

I participate in Zazzle's Associates Program, and use affiliate links when sharing my products and that of others on this blog. This means that if you come through one of my links and make any purchase on Zazzle, I earn a referral. It does not affect the price you pay.

How do I choose which products to promote?

With my own products, the self-interest is obvious. (Plus I think my designs are pretty cute!)

With the products of others, I’m most interested in Zazzlers who create similar designs (wild animals, fairy tales). I also seek original art (not clipart or images in the public domain). The Zazzle forums are where I most frequently go to find products. I actively search for major holidays, as well as niche collections (e.g., I’m currently collecting for sloth and bear products, as well as works inspired by Little Red Riding HoodThe Little Mermaid, and Alice in Wonderland). If you’re on Zazzle and think you have designs I might like, the best way to let me know is by posting to this forum thread.

Interested in becoming an Associate and/or promoting my products?

You earn a 15% referral payment plus up to an additional 17% volume bonus for each sale that you refer. You can promote any product in the Zazzle marketplace. If you choose to promote my products, I'm delighted and flattered. Thanks! To learn more about becoming a Zazzle Associate, go here.

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