Welcome to my blog and unofficial headquarters for all things Ccaracal! I make black and white stencil art. I also write short stories and fairy tale-based twitter fiction. I opened my Ccaracal store in March 2014, and will focus on everything store-related here. (I have a separate writing website here.)

What's this blog about?

Since I’m just getting started, this section may frequently change. Currently, my plan is to share my own Ccaracal products, as well as the products of other Zazzlers (see my Affiliate Disclosure here). I’ll also share what I’ve learned in my Zazzling and blogging journey. These anecdotes will hopefully veer in the direction of “Things I’ve found to have worked!” rather than “Things I’ve found you definitely should not do!”

I’m always open to constructive feedback on what you like, don’t like, or think could be improved on this blog. I view this as a long-term project, and while I’m continually learning and reading online, comments from real life visitors are invaluable and appreciated.  :)

Curious where else you can find me? 

Here are all the places I am:

Zazzle:  http://www.zazzle.com/ccaracal
Society6:  http://society6.com/ccaracal
Skreened:  http://skreened.com/ccaracal

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/curiouscaracal
Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/ccaracal/
Google+:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/116905755422423709283/posts
Wanelo:  http://wanelo.com/ccaracal
Tumblr:  http://curiouscaracal.tumblr.com/

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