Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back-to-School Apple Tote Bags - Plus Veggies and Fruits

In the spirit of back-to-school, I looked for pretty apple tote bags on Zazzle! Here are some of the tote bags I found, featuring green apples, red apples, apple trees, and apple pies. These apple tote bags are perfect for teacher gifts, back-to-school shopping, or to gather your autumn fruit and vegetable harvests! In addition to apples, I also found canvas bags with various vegetable art. These veggie tote bags make me crave baked kale chips, barbecued zucchini, and eggplant lasagna.

1. An Apple A Day Canvas Bags by tiffjamaica

An apple tote bag with the cutest Apple-a-Day apple tree!
An Apple A Day Canvas Bags

2. Kawaii Apple Tote Bags by askingfortrouble

Green apples and kawaii! Happy back-to-school apple tote bag.
Back to school, and back to veggies! A funny vegetables canvas tote bag.
Funny Cartoon Vegetables Canvas Bags

4. 5 A Day Fruit & Vegetables Bags by askingfortrouble

Fruit and vegetables canvas tote bag. A cheerful gift for a veggie-loving friend.
5 A Day Fruit & Vegetables Bags

5. Cute Happy Apples Canvas Bag by LizaPhoenix

Apple tote bag featuring happy yellow, pink, and red apples.
Cute Happy Apples Canvas Bag

6. Cute Apple Pie Bags by likeit

An apple tote bag featuring delicious fresh-baked apple pie!
Cute Apple Pie Bags

A lovely garden tomatoes and vegetables canvas tote bag.
Fresh Tomatoes - Right from the Garden Tote Bag

Bidding goodbye to summer, this tote bag features a beach monster eating a watermelon. :)
Summer Beach Monster Canvas Bag

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