Saturday, June 7, 2014

Zazzle Product Review: Black and White iPhone 4/4s Case

I recently bought this black and white iPhone 4s Zazzle case with my tree sloth stencil design. It's a Case-Mate iPhone 4/4s Vibe cover that "redirects your speaker for an increased sound projection." It comes in two pieces, a "tough, polycarbonate hard shell" with interior silicon lining and an "accompanying rigid bumper."

This is how my black and white iphone tree sloth case looks like on Zazzle:
And this is how my black and white Zazzle iPhone case looks like in real life:

Zazzle shipping was fast. Both times (more on that below), my white iPhone case with black stencil art arrived within a week. 

Once removed from the packaging, the two pieces of the Case-Mate Vibe case looked like this:

When putting it together, the black bumper fit snugly around the phone. The phone/bumper then slid easily into the hard case. It's a good size (reasonably slim and not too bulky), and I like how the Vibe case covers and protects my entire white iPhone. My only quibble with the product itself are the black buttons that cover the phone's power and volume buttons on the top and side. They work fine, but I have to use more force when pushing them. A very small quibble, and just my own personal customer preference. Other people may prefer the extra protection.

As for the Vibe case's enhanced sound projection, I thought it sounded pretty good. That said, I didn't do a before-and-after comparison, and it isn't an issue I'm particularly concerned or picky about.

I am more picky about the print quality. When I first received my Zazzle iPhone case, I thought the printing on the back looked great. However, the printing did get faded and slightly distorted on the sides.

The slight distortion was to be expected. (I assume they print the designs flat, and then mold the edges into their iPhone case shapes.) But I assumed that the faded printing was a printing defect, and arranged with customer service to have them send a replacement.

However, the replacement iPhone case was, with some negligible differences, exactly the same. Printing on the back looked great. Printing on the sides became faded. Is this just how Zazzle iPhone cases are printed? Or did I have the bad luck of receiving a second phone case with the same problems as the first? I decided to just keep the case as it was. With this particular sloth stencil pattern design, the faded sides ultimately aren't too big of a deal since it is stencil art and has a naturally "messy" look to it. But I do wonder how this issue affects other iPhone case designs that require more exact color and print clarity, and it is something I would keep in mind when deciding to purchase a customized phone case.

Overall:  I am happy with this black and white iPhone 4s Vibe case from Zazzle. I like the slim, protective design and how the case covers my entire white iPhone. I do wish that the full printing extended to the case edges, but for this particular stencil design, it still on the whole looks good. It is also neat to carry a phone case with my own patterned stencil art sloth design. :)

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