Friday, May 2, 2014

Popular Fairy Tales on Zazzle Postage Stamps

Why postage stamps? It started when I found this lovely Little Red Riding Hood piece by minoule. It was a tiny still of a greater world, and a more reconciliatory interpretation of the original Grimm's fairy tale. I've always loved fairy tale stories. Whether they're fairy tales for kids or adult fairy tales, the stories evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about other worlds and lives. I wanted to find more stories, more interpretations (and am continually searching for more!). These are some that I found: popular fairy tales contained in a postage stamp.

1. Little Red Riding Hood Be My Valentine Postage by minoule

Fairy Tales for Kids:
Little Red befriends the Wolf.

2. Hansel and Gretel Find the House Postage Stamps by TinyWorksOfArt

One of the Most Popular Fairy Tales:
Hansel and Gretel explore a candied forest.
Hansel and Gretel Find the House Postage Stamps

3. Snow White Postage Stamps by oph3lia

A Favorite and Classic Fairytale:
Snow White considers the apple.
Snow White Postage Stamps

4. "By the Seaside" Stamp by strangeling

Fairy Tale Retellings:
Faerie girls the size of a seashell. (Like Thumbelina, who was the size of a walnut!)

"By the Seaside" Stamp

5. mad hatter 2 postage stamps by homelyvillain

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland:
The Mad Hatter enjoys his tea and toast in Wonderland.
mad hatter 2 postage stamps

6. Dark Fairy Tale Character 2 - Rapunzel Postage Stamps by VoXeeD

A Humorous Look at a Classic Fairytale:
Rapunzel looks down her hair.

Dark Fairy Tale Character 2 - Rapunzel Postage Stamps

7. Frog Prince Fairy Tale Postage Stamp by PhoenixArtStudio

This Popular Fairy Tale:
A humorous take on The Frog Prince.

Frog Prince Fairy Tale Postage Stamp

8. "Big Blue Whale" Stamp by strangeling

Retold Fairy Tales:
Little Mermaid with the biggest whale.

"Big Blue Whale" Stamp

9. Sleeping Beauty Postage Stamps by oph3lia

One of the Most Popular Fairy Tales:
Sleeping Beauty likes to dream.

Sleeping Beauty Postage Stamps

10. Fairy Tale Stamps by Jasmints

Classic Fairytale:
A Cinderella ending, complete with castle, clouds, and Prince.

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