Monday, May 19, 2014

10 Father’s Day Card Finds from Zazzle

Here are my picks for 10 Sweetest Father's Day cards! My suggestion is to pair the card with a yummy gift of baked goods, such as this Chocolate Beet Cake from Veggie Belly or these Red/Purple Velvet Vegan Doughnuts from Granny Girls. Make it a sweet (and nutritious!) Father's Day. :)

1. Sweetest Dad Cards by LizaPhoenix

Sweetest Dad Cards
Sweet kawaii! A cupcake with a mustache.

2. Lovely Dots Father's Day Photo Card by origamiprints

Lovely Dots Father's Day Photo Card
Personalize with family photos from a favorite occasion.

3. Happy Father's Day Card by Cheerful_Gift

Happy Father's day Card

Pair this with a gift of baked goods for Dad.

4. Fudging Father's Day Card by Mylittleeden

Fudging Father's Day or Dad's Birthday card
Accompany with homemade brownies or fudge.

5. Girl with balloon in her father's shoes card by noboringwhite

Girl with balloon in her father's shoes card

From daughters who've walked in their father's shoes.

6. Striped Fish Father's Day Cards by OctopusLove

Striped Fish Father's Day Cards
Sweet Father's Day love from the sea.

7. For Those Dads About to Rock... Greeting Card by Skwirrel

For Dads who love rock and roll.

8. Boy on a red plane celebrating father's day card by noboringwhite

Boy on a red plane celebrating father's day card
For fathers and sons who wish to fly.

9. I love my dad cards by GirlyTemplate

I love my dad cards

Sleek and simple way to tell Dad you love him.

10. Polar Papa Bear Greeting Card by ImagineThatDesign

Polar Papa Bear Greeting Card
A Father's Day Papa Bear.


  1. Hello! Thank you for letting me know about it, it's always a pleasure to know that someone pickIed a product! I loved, loved your store style. Very ary and subversive in awesome way. I will write about it in my blog also! My store and blog is about lots of color but I can make an exception or two for great finds!;)

    1. Thanks Maria for the kind words about my store! I'm glad I found your work. Your girl in her father's shoes card is especially cute. Plus as a DC comics fan, her red and blue stars outfit made me think little Wonder Woman. :)

  2. Thank you for the feature! What a cute selection of cards.

    1. You're welcome. I love your art, especially the octopi, and hope to include your work in a sea creatures feature sometime!

  3. Thanks so much for feature our Papa Bear Polar Bear card. There's a lot of cute cards here.

    1. Your welcome! I love the papa polar bear's expression, and the card's back side is adorable. :)