Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 Favorite Father’s Day Coffee Mugs

Father's Day is coming up in June. And fathers need coffee. (Or tea.) Here are ten charming Father's Day mugs from Zazzle to remind Dad how you love him and are thinking of him. Not just on Father's Day, but every day.

1. Grunge Daddy Since 2014 Mug by RustyDoodle

Grunge Daddy Since 2014 Mug
Celebrate the year Dad became a Dad,
whether it was 2014 or 1914 or any year in-between.

2. Modern We Love You Dad Colorful Photo Template Coffee Mugs by GirlyTemplate

Modern We Love You Dad Colorful Photo Template Coffee Mugs
Personalize with pretty photos of the fam.

3. Good Morning Handsome Mugs by KaleenaRae

Good Morning Handsome Mugs
Sweet words to start Dad's day.

4. Cute Best Dad Ever Coffee Mugs by LizaPhoenix

Cute Best Dad Ever Coffee Mugs
If you and/or your dad love unicorns (and who doesn't love unicorns?).

5. Captain Dad (Gold) Coffee Mug by geo_barr

Captain Dad (Gold) Coffee Mug
Or perhaps Dad prefers pirates.

Mustache - Best Dad in The World Mugs
Especially sweet mug for dads with mustaches.

7. Father's Day Beard Mug by fancypaperie

Alternatively, perhaps Dad is very proud of his beard.

8. Action hero Dad 5 photos film strip mug by Mylittleeden

Action hero Dad 5 photos film strip mug
Find your best action shots!
Sports, family vacations, favorite movie reenactments...

Sir Kitty Cat with Mustaches Mug
For cat lover dads.

10. King Lion, King for the Day Mug by ImagineThatDesign

For Dads who love lions and/or The Lion King.

Monday, May 19, 2014

10 Father’s Day Card Finds from Zazzle

Here are my picks for 10 Sweetest Father's Day cards! My suggestion is to pair the card with a yummy gift of baked goods, such as this Chocolate Beet Cake from Veggie Belly or these Red/Purple Velvet Vegan Doughnuts from Granny Girls. Make it a sweet (and nutritious!) Father's Day. :)

1. Sweetest Dad Cards by LizaPhoenix

Sweetest Dad Cards
Sweet kawaii! A cupcake with a mustache.

2. Lovely Dots Father's Day Photo Card by origamiprints

Lovely Dots Father's Day Photo Card
Personalize with family photos from a favorite occasion.

3. Happy Father's Day Card by Cheerful_Gift

Happy Father's day Card

Pair this with a gift of baked goods for Dad.

4. Fudging Father's Day Card by Mylittleeden

Fudging Father's Day or Dad's Birthday card
Accompany with homemade brownies or fudge.

5. Girl with balloon in her father's shoes card by noboringwhite

Girl with balloon in her father's shoes card

From daughters who've walked in their father's shoes.

6. Striped Fish Father's Day Cards by OctopusLove

Striped Fish Father's Day Cards
Sweet Father's Day love from the sea.

7. For Those Dads About to Rock... Greeting Card by Skwirrel

For Dads who love rock and roll.

8. Boy on a red plane celebrating father's day card by noboringwhite

Boy on a red plane celebrating father's day card
For fathers and sons who wish to fly.

9. I love my dad cards by GirlyTemplate

I love my dad cards

Sleek and simple way to tell Dad you love him.

10. Polar Papa Bear Greeting Card by ImagineThatDesign

Polar Papa Bear Greeting Card
A Father's Day Papa Bear.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Superhero Bear for Father’s Day

Here are some of my Father's Day cards and gifts featuring "Superhero Bear." This is a stencil of a standing Asian black bear, also known as a moon bear. I love their white chests because it makes them look like superheroes. :) I'll have my picks for Father's Day Zazzle cards and mugs up later this week. In the meantime, see my Father's Day gifts at Ccaracal.

Father's Day Card with Superhero Bear

With matching envelopeaddress labels, and postage stamp.

Superhero Dad Bear Coffee Mug    Superhero Bear Flask
Superhero Bear Bicycle Playing Cards    Superhero Bear Ceramic Poker Chip Poker Chips Set
Superhero Bear Basic T-Shirt    Superhero Bear Baking Apron   
Superhero Bear iPhone 5 Case   Superhero Bear Samsung Galaxy S5 Case
(For more iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases with this design, go here.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

10 Zazzle Coasters featuring High Fantasy Landscapes

High fantasy landscape art meets Zazzle beverage coaster. Functional art! I love fantasy because, at its best, it imbues you with a sense of wonder about other worlds and other lives. I picked these coasters because the artists created a new world that beckons, that invites you to come closer and consider: Where are they going? Where are they leaving? There are heroes. There are wizards. There are castles and dragons and unicorns...

1. the pied piper of hamelin grimm fairytale beverage coaster by frank_glerum_art

4. safe passage fantasy landscape beverage coasters by frank_glerum_art

Friday, May 2, 2014

Popular Fairy Tales on Zazzle Postage Stamps

Why postage stamps? It started when I found this lovely Little Red Riding Hood piece by minoule. It was a tiny still of a greater world, and a more reconciliatory interpretation of the original Grimm's fairy tale. I've always loved fairy tale stories. Whether they're fairy tales for kids or adult fairy tales, the stories evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about other worlds and lives. I wanted to find more stories, more interpretations (and am continually searching for more!). These are some that I found: popular fairy tales contained in a postage stamp.

1. Little Red Riding Hood Be My Valentine Postage by minoule

Fairy Tales for Kids:
Little Red befriends the Wolf.

2. Hansel and Gretel Find the House Postage Stamps by TinyWorksOfArt

One of the Most Popular Fairy Tales:
Hansel and Gretel explore a candied forest.
Hansel and Gretel Find the House Postage Stamps

3. Snow White Postage Stamps by oph3lia

A Favorite and Classic Fairytale:
Snow White considers the apple.
Snow White Postage Stamps

4. "By the Seaside" Stamp by strangeling

Fairy Tale Retellings:
Faerie girls the size of a seashell. (Like Thumbelina, who was the size of a walnut!)

"By the Seaside" Stamp

5. mad hatter 2 postage stamps by homelyvillain

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland:
The Mad Hatter enjoys his tea and toast in Wonderland.
mad hatter 2 postage stamps

6. Dark Fairy Tale Character 2 - Rapunzel Postage Stamps by VoXeeD

A Humorous Look at a Classic Fairytale:
Rapunzel looks down her hair.

Dark Fairy Tale Character 2 - Rapunzel Postage Stamps

7. Frog Prince Fairy Tale Postage Stamp by PhoenixArtStudio

This Popular Fairy Tale:
A humorous take on The Frog Prince.

Frog Prince Fairy Tale Postage Stamp

8. "Big Blue Whale" Stamp by strangeling

Retold Fairy Tales:
Little Mermaid with the biggest whale.

"Big Blue Whale" Stamp

9. Sleeping Beauty Postage Stamps by oph3lia

One of the Most Popular Fairy Tales:
Sleeping Beauty likes to dream.

Sleeping Beauty Postage Stamps

10. Fairy Tale Stamps by Jasmints

Classic Fairytale:
A Cinderella ending, complete with castle, clouds, and Prince.