Thursday, April 24, 2014

10 Zazzle Mugs for Mother's Day

In addition to Mother's Day cards, a cute coffee mug makes both a sweet and practical gift for Mom. From scrumptious desserts to personal photos, unicorns to bears, here are ten of my favorite Mother's Day coffee mugs. Pair it with a bag of her favorite coffee roast for a lovely Sunday morning surprise.

1. Cute Donut's Mother Love Mug by partymonster

Cute Donut's Mother Love Mug
In the olden days (and possibly today? I admit I'm not too up-to-date with the modern doughnut industry, despite loving to eat them!), the hole was taken (thus "birthed") from the center of the ring doughnuts, so I thought this was an especially cute concept and design!

2. Sweet Mother's Day 7 Photo Mug by origamiprints

Sweet Mother's Day 7 Photo Mug
Memorialize a special trip or occasion with this 7 photo mug! This is a great way to incorporate pictures of individual family members, in addition to shots of the entire family.

3. Jammie Dodger Coffee Mug by askingfortrouble

Jammie Dodger Coffee Mug
Yum! This one makes me want to drink coffee with toast and jam.

4. Mother's Day - Best Mum in pink giraffe prints Coffee Mugs by RustyDoodle

Mother's Day - Best Mum in pink giraffe prints Coffee Mugs
Sometimes simple and direct (with cute giraffe print background) is best.

5. Cupcakes Coffee Mug by tiffjamaica

Cupcakes Coffee Mug
I'm a big fan of the pretty whimsicality of her designs.

6. Cute Mamma Teddy Bear with her Baby Coffee Mugs by partymonster

Cute Mamma Teddy Bear with her Baby Coffee Mugs
Another one by partymonster. A mother bear and her cub.

7. Mama Bunny Mug by IronCityAlchemy

Mama Bunny Mug
I thought this one would be especially nice for a new mother. Caring for a newborn baby can be both a stressful and exhilarating time. Help her decompress with snuggly bunnies!

8. Cute Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug by LizaPhoenix

Cute Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug
Unicorns! A sparkly rainbow! Very kawaii.

9. Four marshmallows smiling together by SweetSham

Four marshmallows smiling together
A family of square marshmallows that look round. This one had me wanting to go back and re-read Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

10. Modern Personalized We love You Mom Photo Elegant Coffee Mug by GirlyTemplate

Modern Personalized We love You Mom Photo Elegant Coffee Mug
Let Mom alternate between sipping hot coffee and admiring your adorable mugs!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Morning Glories for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is May 11! Next week, I'll share some of my favorite Mother's Day Zazzle finds. Today, I wanted to share one of my new Mother's Day cards, along with some of my favorite Morning Glories gift items.
With matching envelope, address labels, and postage stamp.

Morning Glories Coffee Mug   Morning Glories Bicycle Playing Cards

Morning Glories iPad Folio iPad Folio Cover   Morning Glories Women's T-Shirt
Morning Glories Ceramic Poker Chip Poker Chip Set   Morning Glories Purse Hanger

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cutest iPhone Cases featuring Fairytale Retellings inspired from Popular Fairy Tales by Ccaracal

In addition to stencil art, I also write tiny fairytale-based stories. Because we all love cute iPhone cases, here are seven of my fairytale retellings on seven different white iPhone 5/5s Barely There Case-Mate cases:  Little Red, Cinderella, Jack, some dystopian science fiction, Rapunzel, Alice, and Oz. These fairytale retellings were previously published in slightly different form in various Twitter fiction magazines. (What is Twitter fiction? It's a story of up to 140 characters. Nanoism and 7x20 are two of my favorite (and long-running) publications.)

How Little Red became a superhero...
Superhero Red iPhone 5 Case
Cool iPhone case with a subversive Little Red Riding Hood tale.
More Superhero Red

Cinderella, with a focus on friendship, silver and gold:
Glass Slipper iPhone 5 Case
White iPhone case with a Cinderella fairytale and friendship retelling.
More Glass Slipper

Jack and the Beanstalk, retold via dreams...
A Zazzle iPhone case for Your Black or White iPhone.
More Dream Beans

Dystopia. Or an introvert's Utopia:
Utopia 1 iPhone 5 Case
Cool iPhone case with a dystopian edge.
More Utopia 1

A different take on when Rapunzel let down her hair...
A Rapunzel fairytale retelling on a white iPhone case.
More Rapunzel's Haircut

Love potions in the Land of Oz:
White iPhone Case with some retold Wizard of Oz.
More Silver Brick Road

Encountering a different kind of wonderland...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ccaracal's One Month Anniversary!

My Zazzle store, Ccaracal, has just turned one. Month, that is. To celebrate, here's my first official post! I'm planning to use this blog to promote my own products as well as that of others (and get some practice in affiliate marketing). Hopefully, I'll have useful advice and anecdotes to share as well! Today, I wanted to share my stencil designs on several of my favorite products:

Baby Sloth Candy Jar
Baby Sloth Candy Jar
Perfect for storing candies or chocolates or cute edibles (or non-edibles!).

Fawn Heart T-Shirt
Mint Green Fawn Stencil T Shirts
I personally like the bright mint, but you can always customize the shirt color and style.

Koala Bear Coffee Mug
Start your day with hot coffee and a cute koala.

Moon Bear Yubo Lunchbox
A fun box for your lunch. You can pick between six different colors.

Morning Glories Serving Tray
A gift to consider for upcoming Mother's Day. A trio of happy morning glories.

Panda Bear Teapot
For your green tea, black tea, white tea. Any favorite tea.

Superhero Bear T-Shirt
The stencil is of an Asian black bear (also known as a moon bear). Also my favorite bear, because the white chest always make me think superhero. And I love superheroes.

Tree Sloth Pillow